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August 2020

Moore NA Consulting Marketplace | Liquidity Management

Liquidity management can help companies forecast their cash flow, understand future risk factors, and devote the necessary resources towards execution. Moore NA Consulting Marketplace Service Provider and Elliott Davis Director Peter Barton addresses the growing interest in liquidity management, and the short and long term goals companies should make as they address corporate restructuring at large.

Moore NA Consulting Marketplace | Negotiations with Interested Parties

As one of the Moore NA Consulting Marketplace Service Providers, Peter Barton with Elliott Davis shares his thoughts on where Corporate Restructuring currently stands as a service offering, with a special emphasis on Negotiations with Interested Parties.

COVID-19: Staying Focused on Your Employees

The “new normal” working environment requires considerations for both onsite and remote options for your staff. Here are a few best practices to keep your team safe as you discover what works best for your employees and your firm.

Addressing Emergency Funds

Over the past couple of months, the Canadian government has provided relief to help ease the effects COVID-19 has had on the economy. We reflect on thesase measures and how they apply to the current situation.

CRA to Start Review of U.S. Real Estate Transactions by Canadians

In June, the CRA posted a tender notice for assisting CRA in obtaining information to determine if Canadian residents have properly recorded the U.S. transactions on their Canadian tax returns. Read more about the issues Canadians should be aware of when they have U.S. or foreign real estate property.

Coming Soon: Taxing the PANDEMIC

As countries around the world look into funding the COVID crisis, Canada is no different. As we break down the direct support provided for Canadians, we can certainly predict that tax changes are coming!