Moore or Less: Giving Back

MOORE-or-Less-Graphic_Rick-Davis.jpgExperience not necessary.
No special skills required.
Technology expertise not needed.
How many positions in your firm could be filled with a job description like this?
Competition for talent in our field today is intense. In order for us to be leaders in our markets, the need is great for innovative minds, advanced technology skills, flexibility, creativity and motivation that tends to stay in overdrive. Experienced hires are rare gems and we all are in the market for the best and brightest from each year’s graduating class. The pool of applicants never seems to be big enough for the market and the list of resume “must haves” seems to keep growing as we branch out our specialties.
So what possible area of concentration would accept candidates with no experience, limited skills and a lack of techno expertise?
Though we consider our firm a market leader and we continue to broaden our expanse, there is one area that remains steadfast and true to form – giving back to the community. It doesn’t require skills, it simply requires a heartfelt desire to help others. Feeding a hungry child is accomplished today the same way it was a hundred years ago.  An innate drive to tackle issues like affordable housing and elimination of homelessness has withstood the test of time. A passion for serving our community, mentoring youth, supporting the arts and discovering new ways to improve the quality of life for all who are in need does not require a special degree – it just means your heart tells you it is the right thing to do.
More and more job candidates today seek firms that prioritize community service alongside training and opportunity for growth. Prospective employees are performing their due diligence when making job choices and firms playing an active role in community engagement are getting their attention. It is not uncommon to hear that community relations programs are deciding factors in accepting positions.
Our firm has a history of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our firm culture encourages community engagement and we allot time for volunteer projects and board service. Our annual United Way campaign has grown exponentially with our expanding team. We were doing all the right things for the right reasons and yet it was time to do more. We needed a program that was all-inclusive and that was proof positive that we walked the walk.
At our recent annual firm wide gathering, we launched our employee volunteerism program. Elliott Davis Cares was a year in the making and is a vehicle for every employee to give back to the community in a way that speaks to them personally. As a firm wide program open and available to every single employee, it is confirmation that giving back to our communities is a priority and that we want to lead by example – not just with rhetoric.
Capturing the best talent is a necessary ingredient in achieving our mission to be recognized as a leading firm in our markets. But talent alone is not the basis for a well-rounded team. A passion to serve, the motivation to give back and the willingness to choose to do the right thing are the additional ingredients that will complete the recipe for success.