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Helping Communities Thrive: Bringing Together Passion and Purpose

Helping Communities Thrive: Bringing Together Passion and Purpose

bonadio-logo_0.pngGiving back to the community becomes second nature when you are supported by a firm that shares your passion. At The Bonadio Group, they have made that passion their purpose.

Several years ago, The Bonadio Group came together to define why they come to work every day and do what they do. The firm wanted something more than a company line; they were looking to give their company an identity that employees would be proud to share.

“Our Bonadio Purpose goes hand in hand with growth,” said Bruce Zicari, chief executive officer of The Bonadio Group. “The bigger we get, the more opportunity we have to give back and the more we’re able to help the clients and the people in our communities. It’s what we’re all about.”

The Bonadio Purpose is made up of three key areas:
  • Provide Opportunity – providing opportunity to their people, clients and community
  • Strengthen Community – giving back to the communities they live and work in
  • Inspire Growth – growth-oriented firm from day one with a belief that growth and opportunity are inner-linked
With this Purpose as a guiding light, the firm creates regular opportunities to inspire employees to build, support and give back to the communities they work and live. They are regularly turning their purpose into action through annual donations, tens of thousands of volunteer hours, and an annual Purpose Day.

Their Purpose Day was established in 2018, providing one day where the office is closed and all 750 employees are able to spend the day doing meaningful work for non-profit organizations. In 2020, the firm leveraged virtual volunteering opportunities with local and national organizations after getting some insight from Moore managing partners on how to approach a volunteer-based event during a pandemic.

“We had no idea how we were going to pull this off, but I got on the phone with a bunch of my friends at Moore and managing partners at other firms,” said Zicari. “We got ideas from each other, put our heads together on a few things, and we were able to pull off a great event during a time when the community really needed it.”

Their 2020 event was a success, with 581 employees volunteering virtually and in-person, as they were comfortable, to support 14 regional and national organizations.

“The pandemic really highlighted how important it is to support the communities we live and work in, and it also highlighted how incredible our people are, and their willingness to dedicate their time and resources to those in need,” said Zicari. “Another thing we’ve learned from this past year is that our people want to build relationships with their co-workers and spend time with them. This is a great opportunity to build bonds with your coworkers and accomplish something good together.”

Always looking for ways to do more, The Bonadio Group saw the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to continue to make an impact in their community. In April 2020, they created the Bonadio Gives Back Program. This program benefitted local charitable organizations and not-for-profit clients who were helping those struggling during the crisis. In just two weeks, over 130 employees donated to the cause, raising a collective total of more than $10,000.

“Over the years, our ability to give back as we’ve gotten larger is amazing,” said Zicari. “We’re very proud of the way we’ve been able to support our communities.”

The Bonadio Group is just one of our Moore members helping their communities thrive. Click here to find your local firm and learn more about how we are helping you thrive in a changing world.