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Positive Participant Feedback as Moore Ambition Kicks Off

“It doesn't matter where you came from - it does not limit where you can go and what you can achieve.”
This is just one of the insights gained by participants in the first Moore Ambition session, held in February. Moore Ambition is a program developed to engage and promote learning with the Moore Global Network's next generation of leaders.
Last month, the program got off to a great start, with around 200 managers and colleagues from 54 countries, joining webinars with Moore Global Chairman Andy Armanino and Moore Global CEO Anton Colella. All told, more than 400 of the network’s aspiring leaders have joined the Moore Ambition program.
ambition-session.jpgIn the opening session of the program, the participants heard Andy and Anton’s leadership stories, and perspectives on Harvard Business School’s ‘6 traits that set top leaders apart’. There was also plenty of time for participants to quiz Andy and Anton on their own leadership journeys, with fantastic questions on areas such as building great teams, the challenges for women and minorities in becoming leaders, and picking yourself up after things haven’t gone to plan.
Feedback after the sessions was very positive, with participants highlighting the importance of hearing the personal side of Moore’s global leaders’ own journeys, and also coming away from the session with practical ideas on how to build their own leadership personalities: “I’ll make an effort to be simple, concise and memorable in setting a vision,” says one participant.
“Moore Ambition is a really important initiative for our network,” says Andy Armanino. “We had a fantastic first session, and the content is really about providing different perspectives to what our next generation of leaders may already be able to gain in their own roles: coming together with a diverse range of network colleagues at similar career stages, to share experience and learn together. I found it inspiring to take part and I look forward to remaining involved throughout the program.”

For Anton Colella, Moore Ambition is about supporting ‘bench strength’ in the network. “First and foremost, this is about development for the participants, but a secondary benefit is building a really strong professional leadership community in Moore, from which may emerge future firm leaders, or global specialists. While we rightly focus on Managing Partners in terms of network activity, we miss an opportunity if we don’t support our talented managers.”

The next steps in the Moore Ambition program, developed by Moore Global Director of Talent Management, Margie Alt, will see the participants further explore leadership and personal growth, examining authentic leadership, learning how to tell a personal leadership story and building on Moore Ambition interaction.
For more details on Moore Ambition, please contact Margie Alt: