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Moore North America Graduates Second Class of Dynamic Growth Academy

The Moore North America (Moore NA) Dynamic Growth Academy (DGA) has completed its second program, graduating 14 participants from eight member firms.

Graduates include:
  • Todd Britt, HCVT
  • Jason Buhlinger, Brown Smith Wallace
  • Cathy Davis, MSPC
  • Fahad Haddad, Topel Forman
  • Julie Helms, Lurie LLP
  • Kiley Judge, Doeren Mayhew
  • Naoko Lech, CDH
  • Patrick McGuire, Brown Smith Wallace
  • Jason Montgomery, Segal LLP
  • Angela Remington, Lurie LLP
  • Bill Runowski, Topel Forman
  • Bianca Sarrach, Brown Smith Wallace
  • Josh Wilson, HCVT
  • Katie Zahner, Brown Smith Wallace
“Today I have much more structure and discipline in my practice and in the balance of my work and life,” said Fahad Haddad, DGA graduate from Topel Forman. “This program ultimately gave me the tangible tools to get there.”

This program features leadership and business development training from The Center for Character-based Leadership (CCBL) and LVG Advisors. The first session kicked off in November 2018 and included four two-day sessions, alternating leadership and business development sessions, as well as individual coaching, peer coaching and mentor support.

“The program has definitely moved me closer to a successful, sustainable career,” said Katie Zahner, DGA graduate from Brown Smith Wallace. “It’s a work in progress, but I am moving in the right direction.”

The program garnered interest from firms across the United States and Canada, including participants from eight different member firms. The sessions were held at several different member firm locations, including St. Louis, MO and Troy, MI, providing members with the opportunity to visit other firms. The final session was held virtually, to accommodate COVID-19 related shelter-in-place ordinances, with members able to interact with members of their peer groups and maintain connections.

“If the program taught me anything it’s that there is no real end, there’s no perfect leader,” said Haddad. “It’s a constant process of improvement and cycle of adjustments and good practices.”

CCBL provides coaching focused on the complexity of leading in the top two to three levels of organizations and the talent they are developing to step into that space.

“We found this group to be exceptionally motivated and engaged to grow as leaders,” said Kateri Topitzhofer, CCBL. “They took risks to get out of their comfort zone, asked for honest feedback, tried new behaviors and integrated learnings from their efforts.”

LVG Advisors provides business development training, business development coaching and SAM-Pro services for professional service firms. These services are aimed at building firm revenue, strengthening practice professional confidence and maintaining client loyalty.

“The results speak volumes to the hard work and dedication of the entire group,” said Jim Cranston, LVG Advisors. “It’s a testament to a client centric, value-based approach to building a practice.”    

To learn more about this program, or to send your upcoming named partners to the next program, contact Becca Colling at
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