Citrin Cooperman Expands Healthcare Practice

New York-based Citrin Cooperman welcomes two new principals to their healthcare practice. The addition of Josh Berlin and Heather Spillman will accelerate the evolution of the clients they serve, while amplifying forward-thinking perspectives around an industry experiencing radical change. 

How IT Relates to The Audit

Are you reviewing the IT General Controls (ITGCs) in your financial audits? As the risk-based audit has taken form and the inherent scope of IT keeps getting broader, a major consideration of risk is related to scoping the ITGCs.

Brad Atkin with Doeren Mayhew and Greg Smith with Brown Smith Wallace provide insights in "How IT Relates to The Audit."

Handling CUI With Non-Federal Entities

The federal government regularly outsources to non-federal entities (contractors) to complete its mission, often handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). (SP) 800-171 is the guide for these non-federal entities and is used to enhance the security posture of the organization and help protect the data.

Investment Income in a Corporation

What should taxpayers consider in determining whether they should earn investment income in their corporation or not? From the cost of taking capital out of a company in order to earn the investment income personally, to considering the U.S. estate tax, there are plenty of items worth addressing.
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