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At our recent Moore North America 2024 Conference in Nashville, we proudly marked the graduation of Cohort 6, Dynamic Growth Academy (DGA). With inspiring commencement remarks from DGA coach Sandy Reeser, CPC, PCC, seventeen participants from eight member firms across the US and Canada were recognized for their mastery of leadership skills and transformative character shifts that paved the way for real change and growth!

We want to congratulate the following 2024 Cohort 6 graduates on their success!

Tomoko Nakao CDH
Larissa Van Putten Doeren Mayhew
Justin Hawkes Doeren Mayhew
Megan McCandlish Doeren Mayhew
Ugo Onwudiegwu Doeren Mayhew
Matthew Buchta Doeren Mayhew
Michael Tomes Doreen Mayhew
Perry McBride Doreen Mayhew
Kevin Bonnett GT Reilly
Michael Duong HCVT
Kyle Fang HCVT
Taryn Klymck Mowbrey Gil
Joseph Turner MSPC
Rishma Jesser Segal GCSE
Natalia Glavina Segal GCSE
Matt Swiatkowski Topel Forman
Christina Ludwig Topel Forman



The DGA, in collaboration with the Center for Character-based Leadership (CCBL), brings a specialized approach to leadership development by building capacity from the inside out, focusing on character as the foundation for outstanding leadership. Before the program begins, all participants undergo a 360 evaluation, the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP), gathering feedback from bosses, associates, peers, and direct reports. Unlike other 360s, LCP connects a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. In doing so, the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior is revealed. In short, LCP shines a light on the source of behavior to get greater leverage on change and provides access to new choices and possibilities for leadership growth.  


The 18-month DGA program offers a carefully constructed, proven format encompassing learning through group sessions, smaller peer group sessions, self-reflection, mentoring, and one-on-one executive coaching. In preparation for the commencement of the first session, each DGA participant is assigned a CCBL executive coach, with whom they meet to discuss the results of the 360 surveys. Together, they map out a personal growth plan focusing on the changes that will provide the highest return for the participant.


This program is not simply a leadership class; it’s a voyage of transformation. Focused on building character strengths that set the foundation for new leadership skills to flourish, the coaching team and curriculum take participants through a series of shifts that, over time, invoke the changes necessary to become better leaders. Headed up by executive coaches from CCBL and supported by their cohort of colleagues and peers, the program allows for an individualized journey of personal and professional growth.  


The Dynamic Growth Academy is recommended for new or soon-to-be partners of Moore North America firms as it requires in-person elements. Potential attendees from other regions should contact us through before applying.


I would like to thank Sandy and my peer group because I think those are the indivisuals who have made the progream really successful. Sandy made an effort to really push individuals. She asked a lot of questions and she got through to really examine, what you were saying, how you were saying it.”
When I took the 360 survey the feedback it gave me showed I was very passive. What the program has let me do is leave my passiveness behind and get into more courage and going to do more things that are outside my comfort zone….It’s definiutely had a positive impact on my growth to becoming a leader and it’s also taught me strategies on how not be a perfectionist and to delegate my work to staff so I can do more of the vision and strategy in terms of growing the firm.”
"I would summarize my DGA experience in one word, as being “impactful”. Taking the 360 survey really helped me realize what my weaknesses were, what my strengths are. That in the position I’m at, I have to rely on others and focus on teamwork and mentoring to help me grow as a leader. Through that teamwork and mentoring of my staff I can then focus on other aspects at the top of the circle which are vision, strategy and results for my firm, to help our firm grow and help our people grow, which will in turn help me grow personally.“

Since starting in 2019, the DGA has become one of Moore’s most popular programs. Graduates rave about the program, the smaller peer groups allowing them to be heard, pushing them to contribute, and giving them the forum to share, learn, and support one another as they navigate their path to becoming more effective leaders. 

For more information about the DGA program schedule, visit the Moore Global Intranet. If you are a Moore North America member firm and would like to recommend a partner(s) to the next cohort, please get in touch with Keri-Ann Moore at