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Strategic Partners

Click on the logo of one of our strategic partners below to learn more about how they can help your firm grow! 
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Acamar Consulting strongly believes in personal service and support to help you reach your company’s financial and analytical targets. We are an end-to-end financial consulting firm partnering with small and medium sized business to optimize and enable their record-to-report, financial planning, and analytical capabilities. Our goal is to make your accounting and FP&A processes realistic, achievable, and tailored to your company’s needs to remain agile, successful, and competitive.
CFOs are increasingly expected to be a strategic partner to the business and provide leaders with insights and analyses to find opportunities and drive growth. FP&A is the C-Suite’s crystal ball and one of the finance department’s key value propositions to the enterprise:
  • Inform C-Suite strategy with visibility to outcomes
  • Layer the strategic vision into the annual budget
  • Hold leaders accountable for their financial performance
  • Course-correct to address performance variances
  • Develop integrated analytics and dashboards to wholistically view your business performance and strategy against market trends
Why Work with Acamar Consulting?
We understand the critical importance of harnessing financial and operational data to unlock strategic insights for your clients. As a leading provider of ERP and FP&A solutions, we are dedicated to helping accounting firms like yours cater to your clients with precision and expertise.

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Aiwyn enhances the revenue cycle for accounting firms by integrating with
existing practice management and CRM systems to unlock client & firm data,
automate processes, and increase cash flow.

The Aiwyn Practice Automation platform includes: Client Engagement
Automation (engagement letter and client onboarding), Billing Automation,
Payments Automation, Collections Automation, and our integration platform,

Members using Aiwyn are already witnessing tangible ROI benefits, including
a 30-51% reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO).

Key Benefits for CPA Firms that choose Aiwyn:

Enhanced Cash Flow & Efficiency: Aiwyn's Practice Automation platform
automates critical aspects of the revenue cycle, optimizing financial

Seamless System Integration: Smoothly integrates with existing practice
managements, unlocking the full potential of your client data.

Improved Client Experience: Our Payments & Collections module modernizes
payment processes, offering a swift, two-click method for client convenience.

Increased Operational Capacity: By automating routine tasks, Aiwyn
reallocates your valuable time to focus on strategic, value-added activities. 

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Avalara is a team of tax experts and technologists behind one solution for your accounting firm. We live and breathe sales tax and license compliance, so you don’t have to. We help firms confidently, efficiently, and profitably provide compliance services to their clients.

Avalara for Accountants is a program designed to help accounting practitioners support clients’ tax compliance needs. Whether you simply want to refer your clients to Avalara, use our powerful automated solutions in your tech stack, or become a certified implementor, Avalara for Accountants supports your practice the way that you work best.

  • Refer clients to Avalara
  • Use Avalara for Accountants tools to support clients directly
  • Certification program for accountant-led implementation
Become an Avalara partner today

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Becker is a global leader in CPA Exam Review & continuing professional education driving student success for over 60 years in various fields such as Accounting and Finance.

Stay current on the latest trending topics with Becker’s constantly growing CPE catalog of 700+ unique on demand courses and 1,000+ webcast courses — written and taught by industry veterans.

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Intapp helps professionals unlock their teams’ knowledge, relationships, and operational insights to increase value for their firms. Using the power of Applied AI, we make firm and market intelligence easy to find, understand, and use. With our portfolio of vertical SaaS solutions, professionals can apply their collective expertise to make smarter decisions, manage risk, and increase competitive advantage. The world’s top firms — across accounting, consulting, investment banking, legal, private capital, and real assets — trust Intapp’s industry-specific platform and solutions to modernize and drive new growth. 
Unlock the power of AI and centralized management with Intapp to:

  • Improve your risk and compliance processes
  • Raise client satisfaction
  • Enhance collaboration and transparency

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LeaseCrunch, the easiest lease accounting software on the market: a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that helps organizations implement the lease accounting standards, ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96, and IFRS 16.

A simple but powerful tool, LeaseCrunch significantly reduces the time needed to transition, account for, and maintain leases.

Why CPA firms choose LeaseCrunch

Easy to use: LeaseCrunch features include footnote disclosures, leasing wizards, policy templates, software wizards, and tooltips, all in one simple interface.

Designed for CPA firms: LeaseCrunch is built with the CPA firm in mind, enabling you to improve existing client relationships and establish new ones with prospective clients.

Affordable and scalable: LeaseCrunch accommodates the needs of companies with large, complex portfolios while still being a cost-effective solution for companies with as few as 1–5 leases.

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Miles Talent Hub

Miles Talent Hub is India's largest CPA review providing full-stack accounting talent solutions in the US.

To solve the accountant shortage in the US, Miles is working with top US universities to convert their MS Accounting programs into STEM. Miles is then recruiting the CPA talent pool from India for these programs. Due to the STEM designation, these accountants now have the same 3-year work opportunity on their F1 visa (OPT) as engineers - no visa sponsorship needed!

In Fall 2023, Miles has brought in 300 experienced CPA candidates into the US. They are available to be interviewed and hired by firms for their US offices now. Please avail this opportunity to address your firm's accountant shortage challenge, like many top to mid-size firms across the US have. 

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Rightworks empowers accounting firms to significantly simplify operations and expand their value to clients via our award-winning, secure intelligent cloud and learning resources. Rightworks OneSpace, the only cloud platform purpose-built for the accounting and tax profession, is customizable and enables firms to develop their own unique tech stacks. Whether clients use QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero or other accounting software, OneSpace creates a frictionless experience via a single pane of glass. Rightworks Academy is the accounting profession’s premier community for firm optimization, growth and professional development—offering access to thought leadership, events, peer communities and extensive learning resources.

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SafeSend® offers award-winning automation technology for tax and accounting firms to provide an unmatched client experience. The SafeSend Suite® is a single, secure platform for engagement letters, fillable organizers, source document gathering, file exchange, extensions, tax return assembly, delivery, e-sign, and electronic K-1 distribution. Thousands of firms save an average of $12K for every 1K returns delivered via SafeSend.

 This end-to-end tax workflow equips firms to serve their clients with a guided and intuitive experience across all touchpoints, including automated reminders, online payment options, tax return summary—and more—all in one place. The SafeSend Suite currently supports CCH Axcess™ Tax and ProSystem fx® Tax, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS® and GoSystem® Tax RS, and Intuit Lacerte®. Visit to learn more about our technology solutions.

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Suralink is the leader in request list management and approval workflow, helping businesses simplify the document workflow process while improving the client experience. The company's cloud-based application integrates a dynamic request list and assignment workflow solution with a secure file hosting platform to serve as a single location for client interaction.
Suralink works with more than 850 tax, advisory, and audit accounting clients, as well as legal services, security consulting, financial services, and banking companies worldwide. Its technology, combined with its industry expertise, helps ensure simplicity, transparency, and accountability throughout the document workflow process.

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Talsom is a Montreal based, B-Corp certified, tech-agnostic, Advisory and Business Management Consulting Firm.
Our core competency lies in driving ESG-digital transformation initiatives aligned with market and industry technology evolution. Recognizing the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we strategically position it at the heart of our pursuits, understanding its significant impact on shaping the future business landscape. In demonstration of our unwavering commitment, we proudly introduce Talsom AI. This innovative initiative reflects our dedication to help B2Bs demystify and democratize the power of AI in their digital transformation journey.
We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from designing your Digital Roadmap with a customer, employee and partner centric focus, to enabling a Project Management Office, through to execution via Project Management and Change Management services. Maintaining a technology-agnostic stance empowers us to guide and support customers in implementing intricate landscapes of ERP, PLM, CRM, HRIS, and Supply Chain software across diverse industries. We not only offer cybersecurity advice and assist with data governance, but also ensure that AI serves as a catalyst for innovation.
Well versed in numerous industries, it is in the aerospace and manufacturing-distribution and supply chain sectors where our approach has unlocked efficiency while driving sustainable growth for B2B customers. 
Talsom is your strategic partner, harnessing the power of AI to elevate performance through ESG-driven digital transformations and sustainable strategies to propel your B2B customers towards a more dynamic and successful future.
Our credo: How can we help?

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Trullion is an AI-powered accounting platform streamlining accounting and audit workflows. The world's most innovative accounting firms rely on Trullion to boost productivity and maximize efficiency, ultimately leading to higher margins and happier staff.
Why Trullion? Trullion allows firms to leverage the power of AI and automation to deliver more efficient, higher-quality client engagements. The Trullion Audit Performance Suite allows your firms' talent to audit smarter and faster, collaborate with ease, ensure accuracy, and attract/retain top audit talent

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Windy Street is committed to providing top-notch services to clients through our unique dedicated and on-demand team model. Many professional firms are not able to leverage the talent pool available in India - we're here to partner with them to create global high-performing teams.

Windy Street acts as an extended arm to a few of Top 100 Accounting and Boutique Consulting Firms in the US Region and provides dedicated teams and on-demand professionals in the areas of Financial Due Diligence, Valuations, Audit, Tax and CAS.

We have 110+ headcount (with 90% of experienced professionals from Big-4s) working across 15+ dedicated teams and are headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India with a satellite office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  We are a SOC-2-Type-II certified organization and follow all data security protocols stringently as per guidance issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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