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Government & Public Services

Moore North America member firms have extensive expertise in all areas of the public sector. Through practical, hands-on experience, they have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the issues that affect all aspects of government and the public sector including:

  • Local and Central Government
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health
  • Arts and Heritage
  • International Funding
  • Social Housing
Their experience is much wider than external audit, as they also deal regularly in the following areas as well:​​
  • Value-for-Money / Best Value Auditing
  • Performance Indicator Reviews
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management Reviews
  • Fraud Irregularities and Investigations
  • Complaints Investigations
  • Public Hearings
​Our firms have a track record of success and invest much time developing close relationships with their clients. These close relationships enable them to build client trust while also helping them to offer and seek views on many different Public Sector and Government matters.

Through practical, hands-on experience, Moore member firms have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of legislative and public sector issues.
Moore North America